Urban Elegance and Sustainability: Aluprof Elevates the Public Services Centre in Opole

Discover how the Opole Public Services Centre has become a beacon of modern design and functionality, blending seamlessly into the fabric of urban life while prioritising the safety and comfort of its users. This landmark project, adorned with Aluprof's cutting-edge aluminium solutions, stands as a testament to contemporary architectural innovation in Poland.

A Community-Centric Approach to Public Service

Nestled in the heart of Opole, the Public Services Centre, envisioned by Heinle, Wischer und Partner Architekci, is a marvel of modern urban planning spread over nearly 15,000 m2. Designed with the community at its core, the Centre aims to streamline administrative processes for residents, offering a one-stop solution for various services. By reducing urban traffic and its associated pollutants, the project significantly enhances the city's environmental quality. Beyond its functional design, the Centre boasts advanced air-conditioning, energy-efficient technologies, and acoustic optimisation, ensuring unparalleled comfort. Special attention has been given to inclusivity, with features such as hands-free systems and induction loops for the hearing impaired. The transformation of a historical industrial site into a vibrant public space, complete with lush greenery and rooftop beehives, underscores the project's commitment to rejuvenating the urban landscape.

A Visually Captivating Façade by Aluprof

Upon approaching the Opole Public Services Centre, visitors are welcomed by the dazzling mirrored exteriors crafted using Aluprof’s MB-SR50N mullion and transom curtain wall system. This innovative solution, ideal for assembling lightweight curtain walls or infill walls, seamlessly integrates with various structural components, including roofs and skylights. The hallmark mirrored appearance of the Centre is achieved through uniquely shaped mullions and transoms, enabling the construction of façades characterised by slender dividing lines. The system's extensive selection of mullion and transom profiles, alongside specialised accessories and connectors, facilitates the creation of substantial, sturdy modules that can support weights of up to 1,100 kg. Its adaptable design for anchoring points provides architects the flexibility to bring their creative concepts to life. Beyond the mirrored façade, the eye-catching slatted side walls stand out as a signature feature. Achieved through a bespoke collaboration with Aluprof, this aspect required the invention of specialised solutions tailored to this particular project. Aluprof’s team of designers specifically engineered two types of mullions for this purpose: one to accommodate concrete slats, measuring a profile cross-section of 50x150mm, and another for glass slats, with a profile cross-section of 160x150mm, showcasing their commitment to meeting project-specific requirements through innovative design.

Windows Designed to Blend In

The MB-SR50N OW system, a sibling to Aluprof's suite of solutions, was chosen for its ability to create expansive, parallel-opening windows. Available in two styles, one highlighting the window's outline and the other offering a seamless façade appearance through structural glazing, this system ensures that the building's aesthetic integrity remains intact. The choice of a frameless design means that the windows merge flawlessly with the façade, preserving its sleek, uninterrupted look.

Prioritising Energy Efficiency

Aluprof's commitment to sustainability is evident in the Public Services Centre's energy-efficient windows and doors, fabricated using the MB-86SI system. Known for its superior thermal insulation, the system incorporates advanced sealing techniques and a variety of section options to meet specific design requirements. Additionally, the MB-86SI system supports a diverse range of glass types, including triple-glazed, acoustic, and security options, further demonstrating Aluprof's dedication to creating versatile, high-performance architectural solutions.

Balancing Aesthetics with Functionality

Aluprof's architectural solutions include the MB-SR50N EI fire-resistant mullion and transom wall, notable for its EI30 or EI60 fire resistance rating. This makes it an ideal choice for constructions within fire-prone zones, ensuring safe evacuation routes for occupants. The Public Services Centre in Opole, which houses several hundred employees and welcomes numerous residents and visitors, benefits significantly from such safety-centric features. Utilising premium, fire-resistant products like the Aluprof façade system is crucial in environments where safety is paramount. This particular façade system is designed to prevent fire spread for a minimum of 60 minutes, thereby facilitating the safe evacuation of individuals during emergencies. Importantly, the implementation of these safety measures does not compromise the building's aesthetic appeal; the fire-resistant façade seamlessly blends with the overall design. Furthermore, the system's flexibility is evident in its ability to accommodate wall connections at angles up to 7.5° per side and façade deviations up to 10° from the vertical. Additionally, it supports roof glazing with inclinations of up to 80°, showcasing its versatility and adaptability to various architectural requirements.

Enhanced Fire Safety Measures

In addition to the previously discussed MB-SR50N EI fire-resistant mullion and transom wall, the Public Services Centre in Opole incorporates two additional Aluprof products renowned for their superior fire safety characteristics. The MB-60E EI system is engineered for crafting glazed doors and partitions, incorporating thermally-broken aluminium profiles with internal fire insulation. These profiles are significantly reinforced by intumescent strips that expand in volume under high heat, forming a formidable barrier against fire spread. A critical aspect of this system is its internal glazing installation method, ensuring that the glass remains secure and in place even in the face of direct flames. The second product, the MB-78EI partition system, utilises both the internal profile cavities and the spaces between them for fire insulation. This system not only offers excellent fire resistance but also boasts impressive thermal (starting from 1.60 W/(m2K)) and acoustic (up to 40 dB) performance. Both the MB-60E EI and MB-78EI systems are designed to accommodate wide door leaves, enhancing both the daily comfort and safety of the Centre's employees and visitors, particularly in facilitating swift evacuation during fire emergencies.