Aluprof in USA

The second realization in Aluprof systems is being under construction in New York City. The works on the facility are carried out by Metalplast -Stolarka in the new Aluprof’s system - MB-SE75 (segment-based façade) that was use for the first time during the construction of the Campus of Masaryk University in Brno (Czech Republic). Apart from it there have been applied also the following systems: MB-60 and MB-SR50. Construction completion is excpected for the end of September.

It's worth to add, that that the first American realization in Aluprof's systmes of MB-60 and MB-SR50 was completed in October 2008. The building office that is located in Manhattan

is137 meters high and consists of 36 floors.

We strongly invite you to visit the gallery below.

10-17 Jackson Avenue, LIC 11101 Nowy Jork

47 e 34th Street, Nowy Jork