Thank you for taking the time to visit us at the trade fair R+T 2012 in Stuttgart

It has been a pleasure to meet with you, joined by our common interests and also taking time to enjoy ourselves. We were delighted and honored to show you selection of our new products as well as those flagship sales hits that continue to be the prime choice for many fabricators and installers:

Innovative RC 3 class anti-theft window shutter based on PE 55 slat coupled with reinforced end slat and special device preventing against shutters rolling up from the outside

Opoterm PVC system with optional integrated insects protection

SKP front mounted semi oval box system

SKO-P front mounted oval box system with integrated insects protection

SK 45 front mounted system with individual Frome insects protection

SP-E top mounted system with brand new guide channel with extension

BGR SK garage door system

BKR SK commercial gate system

Your input is certainly going to inspire our product developments and help expand and build new sales relationships in months to come. We are now in the middle of the process to contact each one of you for further discussions.

We look forward to helping you increase your business

Your Aluprof Team