Fire-rated glazed roofs

Fire-rated glazed roofs

MB-SR50N EI aluminium façade system can be used to produce glazed roofs with fire resistance class REI 30 / RE 45 to PN-EN 13501-2. Instead of rafters and purlins, the roof structure consists of mullion and transom profiles that form an aluminium framing fixed to the building structure with special brackets. As is already the case for basic façade systems, profiles are featured with dedicated firestop inserts, consisting of an aluminium reinforcing profile shielded by firestop boards. Generally, this solution does not require any additional reinforcement with e.g. steel.

Fire tests carried out on both the flat and inclined glazed structures resulted in a classification of roofs with an inclination from 0° to 80° from the horizontal. Structures can feature 85 ÷ 225 mm-deep rafters and 65 ÷ 189.5 mm-deep purlins.

Arrangement drawing Glass panes are placed in glazing rebates and glass stop is attached to the load-bearing profiles. The system offers 36 to 52 mm-thick glazing options. Max. glass size: 2100 mm x 1100 mm. It is worth noting, however, that these dimensions can be changed without exceeding the maximum glass area, and that the fire-resistant glass can be used as insulating glass unit in combination with any glass placed on the external side of the construction.

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